You are on the side, walking on the road more peace of mind __ stare to take a mini driving recorder experience

The first driver's license was obtained in 2000. He began riding two rounds of life in a three-tier city in the south. Two years later, due to work reasons, officially joined the driving family. There were few people on the road at the time, and there was a scene in which traffic police commanded the central road. During the passage of time, the road was still the original road. There were more people and more cars. As a driving experience for more than a decade, “old” drivers with a mileage of more than 200,000 kilometers, the car is getting slower and slower, and the more open it is, the more flustered it is. Now what I’m afraid of is not that I touch people but I’m afraid that people touch me, not to mention fashion. Touched the porcelain party, Lu Nu. So I started to use the driving recorder six years ago. The earliest driving recorder was taking a picture, and even the license plate couldn't be seen clearly. My heart was more useful than it actually was. Later on, several models have been used successively, from Puqing to HD, from the joint chip to the Anpa chip, but all of them are traditional driving recorders, or they are poor and poorly displayed on the recorder. When you look back at the screen, you only have to pull the card back to see it. Fortunately, for many years, the traffic recorder was not pressed to take it back and read it, let alone share it on the road. In this era when Auntie is playing WeChat, I think it's time to change an intelligent driving recorder. It happened to be involved in the "Cool-trial 0 yuan trial" earlier - and it's very lucky to stare at the Mini Driving Recorder. Get lucky trial opportunities. Therefore, at the beginning of the opening ceremony, I sincerely thank Youku and Stare Stare for this trial opportunity. Let's talk about some practical experience.

This trial - staring at the mini driving recorder, the supplier of event products in Shenzhen City, Shenzhen City, Shunde Express Co., Ltd. through SF express delivery of test supplies, is really full of sincerity, delivery to the receipt of two days Here, take a look at this product that I am looking forward to.

Dark red - low-key but without losing the enthusiasm of the color, looks like a company's corporate color, the overall packaging box is very simple. The new box has a plastic seal to ensure the customer's unpacking experience.

On the back is some of the main functional parameters of this product, more dazzling is the 1080P full HD, SONY sensor chip, 6 sets of glass lenses, wide-angle F1.8 aperture, WiFi connection, these are the core of a driving recorder Parameters, single from the configuration parameters, this product is the mainstream configuration in the same price recorder.

With the host manufacturers also presented a "flaming red lips" colorful shell and a 16G C10 high-speed TF card, once again confirmed the manufacturers full of sincerity! As a middle-aged uncle, "flaming lips" is not suitable for me, this evaluation will no longer appear.

Open the lid, with a certificate, still familiar dark red tone.

Take out the manual jam envelope on the right side to reveal the protagonist: stare at mini, above is the matching remote control.

This is an item in the paper jam envelope mentioned in the above description. In addition to the manual and the warranty card and a “letter to a relative”, it is low-key and considerate.

This is a simple installation instruction. It is relatively simple to use. It is a quick guide.

This is all the items of the trial product, in addition to mini, remote control, comes standard with power supply line, car power supply, two remote control silicone paste pad, 4 line cards, a spare 3M double-sided tape and two plastic bottles. Baton.

Stare to take a mini body shot, imitation lipstick shape, small size, simple appearance, first saw the feeling very much like.

This is the side of the main body, marked with Reset and Micro SD(TF). The lower part has an opening callout.

When you open the lid, you can see that this is the slot for installing the TF card and the restart button. On the left side of the bracket, there is a Micro USB specification power socket.

This is the other side of the main body, with dense holes. This is the recorder's built-in speaker hole.

This is the lower part of the recorder. It has a microphone port and it is hidden. It does not destroy the overall appearance.

The nameplate, sticker design, and power supply parameters are provided on the mini recorder. Personally think that the design of the sticker undermines the overall simplicity of the mini, like a plaster, the use of laser etching may be more beautiful!

Mini's eyes, 6 glass lenses, coated, very good-looking.

Unlock the lens protection stickers, the appearance of exquisite and compact, and the lens is not the main body, the overall feeling is very good.

Recorder supporting car power adapter, follow the staring shot series of small design concept, the appearance is still small and pleasant. The appearance of piano lacquer and the scrubber design of the recorder are different, making people brighten up.

The car power supply uses a dual USB output, maximum support 2.1A output, once again interpreted as a video company "shared" concept, two USB, one for the mini power supply, one can be shared with other devices as a power input, this design is very The intimate.

It's the turn of the little black cake, this dark little guy feels very good! This is a remote control that allows you to take photos with your recorder. The appearance of round, concave keys, feel a bar!

A small gap on the remote control, in fact, is where the lid is opened when the battery is replaced.

This is the remote control opened the lid, you can see that the use of the CR 2032 non-rechargeable lithium battery, which is the same type of battery used with the computer motherboard, easy to buy, self-replacement is not too difficult.

At this point, stare to take all the items and accessories mini traffic recorder on the one by one, the following pick a time to load slightly.

Currently, there are two types of driving recorders that are commonly used: suction cups and pastes, and most models without screens or compact models use adhesives. This type of fixing is not easy to lose, but it also has its disadvantages. For example, installation must be done well. Full measurement, once it is hard to remove, etc. The whole series of driving recorders adopts a mini-route, which is compact and has no screen. However, according to its different models, there are sucker-type and paste-type fixing methods, and this mini adopts the paste method.

Mini is used for fixing 3M double-sided adhesive tape. The friend who used this glue must have deep feelings. This guy, once sticky and throw can't get rid of the rhythm, plus the mini body and bracket are inseparable design, simple It's a very troublesome thing to say that you have to take it down after mini. Can you solve it? Yes, please see the following artifacts

Did you see it? By the way, the annual review mark electrostatic stickers, sent when buying insurance, use this to install the paste type driving recorder is absolutely correct, completely solve a series of problems can not be unloaded, wounded car film, etc. At the same time due to the mini lightweight, There is no need to worry about solidity.

Pick up something and load it.

The first step is to paste the static film first. Here is a specific description of the mini installation location:
1, stare at its installation instructions, the figure will be installed on the left side of the mirror bracket (driver to see). There are two problems with this installation: First, the mini lens uses a left-hand design (as opposed to a mini-mount). If mini is installed on the left side of the mirror bracket, the mini lens will be too much on the left side of the window, and finally it will come out. The image will be clearly biased to the left, resulting in incomplete footage of the right side of the car. Secondly, the mini reset and the TF card slot are on the right. After installing on the left side of the mirror bracket, it will cause the pick-and-place TF card to be very inconvenient. Of course, if you must install the mini on the left side of the mirror bracket, you can install the mini upside down so that you can solve the problem of left-lens shifting and TF pick-up (mini is equipped with a gravity-sensing device, and the image will flip automatically after being installed).

2. Because the mini uses a wide-angle lens, the mini-mounting horizontal position must be below the mirror bracket. If the mini is flush with it, the rear-view mirror bracket will enter the lens, blocking part of the screen. Of course, you can place the mini in the mirror frame, but if you have a black spot in the front upper part of the sun block (for example, my car) you can't install it.

The above is the result of the personal experience. Why would I know that I had to remove the recorder and install it again because of the first one! The spare 3M double-sided adhesive is used, but fortunately there is spare rubber, lest it really depressed. :L

This is a mark on the window after the test of the mini position. The 3M adhesive can't hurt. It's necessary to prepare!

Installed like, mini is very small, from the driver's seat to see the basic can not see, because my car is too large at the top of the sun, resulting in the mini-installation location, the power cord looks a little longer, no way .

Since it has been installed many times, there is no difficulty in walking on the line. After going up the roof, take the A-pillar and insert it into the slit on the right side of the door. Then directly pass under the floor mat. My installation principle is "do not change is the best", simple and practical best.

It's simple and best to pass the line under the mat.

The cigarette lighter can be connected directly after the floor mat is over. After the power is turned on, there is blue light, a bit of light pollution, huh, huh ~~

This is an overall alignment, which does not affect the line of sight and is easy to operate.

The small dark cake mentioned above, "Come to the bowl," well, just put it here and get it with you.

The simple installation is introduced here, and there is not much difference between the installation of common driving recorders and the selection of installation location. Everyone needs to be fully prepared.

Keeping an eye on mini is an intelligent driving recorder. It is a major feature of setting up and operating with APP, and it is also an important difference from traditional driving recorders. There are many contents of the app, which involves setting and sharing in the community. Here I briefly introduce the basic settings and community features. APP is divided into two versions of Android and Apple operating systems. The following explanation is based on the Android version. .

Scan the QR code on the instruction page, or directly visit the official website of the official website. You can directly download and install the APP. After the installation, open the software and the upgrade prompt appears. Upgrade as usual.

This is the download APP welcome page, because this app is a general app for the stare filming series, so the publicity highlights the characteristics of the stare film series: track record (GPS equipped models, mini do not have), WiFi download, free Share etc.

After entering the APP, it is divided into four pages, namely: on the road, camera, photo album, and me.
1. On the road: Keep an eye on the self-built sharing community. There are photos and videos shared by riders. Of course, all of the customers who have been registered can share in the community. This is also one of the characteristics of stare shooting.
2. Camera: Camera preview and related settings.
3. Albums: Photos and videos saved by the recorder, and associated mobile photo albums can be browsed.
4, I: related settings.

Before starting the setup, turn on the mini power supply, search for the mobile phone, connect a wireless signal named vYou_DDPai_MINI, open the camera page, and the camera will be automatically searched for.

After connecting the camera, you can enter the camera page - camera settings to set. The first is to suggest that you change the camera connection password, otherwise, you know. The camera settings also have advanced options and storage settings. In the storage settings, you can view and format the TF card. Other specific settings are relatively simple. Skip here.

This is the settings tab on the "My" page. There are related APP storage management, offline maps, and advanced settings for the APP. The need for Tucao here is: The APP storage path cannot be customized, ie videos or photos downloaded from the mini to the mobile phone can only be stored in the APP installation folder. Most APP default installations are in the built-in memory of the mobile phone (unless specified during installation). The installation path is external storage. This will cause videos and photos to consume a large amount of mobile phone's built-in storage space after download. If you can customize the storage path here, change the storage path to external expansion storage (mobile TF card), it will be a very useful feature. Others, such as offline maps, because mini does not have GPS, sharing video and photo location tags relies on the phone's own device. Maps only serve as annotated features, and no further in-depth testing is done here.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the sharing function of APP is to uphold the company's philosophy of "seeing and sharing together." The company's products support video and photo sharing capabilities, and at the same time, it is a company that strives to build a sharing platform for riders. Mini video and photo sharing is very simple. After downloading videos and photos, long press to select, click the share button, you can share to multiple mainstream social platforms and share the platform for the company to build on the road. I try to The photo was shared with the WeChat circle of friends and it was very convenient.

Regarding the setting and application of the software APP, simply speaking, there are many functions that need to be tried slowly in the later stages.

Cars can't just open all the time, there's always time to stop, and it's still a lot. After driving for more than 80% of the time, more than 80% of scratches and scratches were caused by others. Of these, 90% occurred when I stopped without knowing it, and no one left a piece of paper. The article admitted, OK, I pull away. As a driving recorder, I am still more concerned about the parking monitoring function.

The primary concern of parking monitoring is the current of the recorder, which is directly related to the use of electricity. It is not new to use the parking monitoring to cause the battery to fail to start. The figure above is the working current of 520mA just after the mini arrives. Since the built-in battery will be depleted due to storage for a period of time, the built-in battery will be charged by the start-up, and the device itself will be used, so the current is larger.

After a certain period of stabilization, the operating current is 387 mA. From the above general measurements, it is estimated that the mini normal operating current is about 400 to 500 mA, and the power consumption is not large.

This is an actual measurement: After I got home from work in the evening, I parked the car into the garage and used a mobile power supply to power the mini. At the same time, mini set the parking monitor to open. The parking time is 8:15 pm, when the mini operating current is 455mA.

Pick up the car at 7:30 in the morning, turn off the mini, unplug the mobile power, this nominal 10400mAh mobile power display shows half of the electricity, let's look at the data below.

The power logger showed a total of 4426 mAh of power output. According to the mobile power output efficiency of 80%, the power output of the mobile power supply was 8320 mAh. After 2 was removed, it was 4160 mAh. The front showed half of the power, indicating that the result is approximately the same as that of the power logger. .

From 8:15 am the previous night to 7:30 am the next morning, about 11 and a half hours, the mini consumes about 4,500 mAh in parking monitoring mode. The average car battery is about 40 Ah, and under full power, it can basically stop monitoring: 102 Hours, about: 4.25 days, of course, the state of the car battery is different, the power situation is different, but the conservative half of the calculation, adhere to two days should be no problem, if only night monitoring, mobile power can be competent.

This is the video size of the 11-hour parking monitoring record: 899.9M. Thanks to the mini-reduction scheme, video files are not large.

Through the above tests, I know the power consumption of mini. I need to implement night-time parking monitoring. At the same time, I decided to adopt a mobile power supply mode for simplicity. In order to solve the problem of automatic switching between on-board power supply and mobile power supply, a small circuit board has been created by itself. In fact, a DC 5V relay is used to switch the normally closed and normally open contacts of the relay to achieve automatic two-way input and output. Switching, mini built-in lithium polymer battery, with delay shutdown function, plus the relay switch in milliseconds, the basic can be said to achieve seamless switching, the following look at what is specific.

On the software design circuit board, although simple, in order to be reliable and beautiful, abandoned the hole board production plan.

Circuit board switching circuit, thermal transfer production, the specific will not start, know that the electronic technology understands.

Do a good physical, even on the circuit board is the car power input, the USB female is the output, then the mini, the white small socket is the mobile power input, with a self-made input line, made out of socket Easy to use flexibly.

Another close-up.

Switchboard itself uses electrical power, 65mA, mainly to supply relays and LED indicator operating current, for the on-board power supply, the load is very small.

Actual access conditions.

It's right to put in here, the pale yellow light is not dazzling.

This is a socket that connects to a mobile power source. Usually, it is lost in the sub-seat. Before the work, the mobile power supply is fully charged and the power can be switched on. After the vehicle is parked in the evening, it will be automatically connected to the mobile power supply. It is convenient or not.

Finally, you must also take a look at mini's parking monitoring function:

1. The mini parking monitoring adopts the one-second one-frame shrink time recording method, although it can monitor the parking status in the whole process, but it will cause difficulties in retrieval. One night, if the status is 900M, it is necessary to slowly find the playback interface. , Very inconvenient, if you can join the mobile monitoring options, allowing users to choose time-lapse recording or mobile monitoring will be better, after all, monitoring is to prevent accidents, but if no one has ever appeared in the evening, the entire time-lapse video will become No sense, look at the search playback below, is not very crazy.

2. As the parking monitoring adopts a time-reduction method, the missing seconds are unavoidable. If the key frame is actually missing, the monitoring also loses its significance. Therefore, the necessity of the mobile monitoring method is emphasized again.

3, or because it is shrinking when the frame is recorded by the second frame, the downloaded video is like an animation, the general playback software can not play frame by frame, which in turn on the professional software, such as I used Kinovea, but What if this is done at the scene?

The above is my actual use of parking monitoring in the transformation and experience, I hope the factory can update the recorder firmware later, increase the mobile monitoring function, and supporting the corresponding frame-by-frame playback function embedded APP, and gradually improve the parking monitoring function.

Before I end this experience report, I will put a few real proofs and videos on the final list. Why is it last? Throughout the trial process, I was satisfied with the mini's video performance, but also can not mention too many problems, so in the end, this time he actually realized the mini HiSide Hi 3516 master and SONY sensor chip Excellent. Look at the picture below (in order to protect personal privacy, the picture license plate is partially blocked)

During the trial period, the local weather was full of cloudy rain conditions. No way, but the mini performance was satisfactory. This is the opposite direction vehicle on the way. The license plate can be identified.

There was no light in the evening and the license plate was clearly visible.

In the evening, due to the influence of street lights, the definition is slightly poor, but the front license plate is still identifiable. Due to lack of illumination, there is more noise in the image. This is not a mini problem. The mainstream recorders are all similar.

In the underground garage, the license plate is clear.

Here is a video of parking monitoring, one frame per second. The actual recording time is about 5 minutes, and the video is only 15 seconds.

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